Vdoo is the world's first high-efficiency blockchain platform that supports anonymous transfers,

instant payments and exchange through V-eleven multi-cycle encryption algorithm and "VPOS

mining and masternode allocation consensus mechanism".

Technical Characteristics

VDO Coin

A total of 600 million VDO will be issued, after which no more issuance will be conducted of which


(504 million)

will be mined through VPOS mining and
masternode allocation consensus


(96 million)

is mined in the Genesis Block and held
by the Foundation which is used for
marketing promotion and ecological

The allocation of the VDO held by the Foundation




VDOO initiating phase
Establish the idea and vision of

Q4 2017

Q1 2018

VDOO technical team formation
VDOO App (Android, iOS) development

VDOO Foundation officially established in Singapore
VDOO App (Android, iOS) beta release
VDO seed round presale

Q2 2018

Q3 2018

The first version of the VDOO App was officially launched
VDOO community global tour start
VDO visits the Singapore Stock Exchange

VDO login to ZBG.COM Exchange
VDOO Community China Mainland Entity Signing
Ceremony was successfully held in Guiyang, China

Q4 2018

Q1 2019

VDOO Foundation and Coin Link X
Community reach strategic cooperation
VDO multi-currency storage management function online

VDO flashover function requirements
discussion and development
VDO whisper chat function
version 2.0 online

Q2 2019

Q3 2019

Develop various applications based
on the VDOO ecosystem
Users broke through a million,
VDOO ecosystem began to take shape

VDOO Alliance Merchant
Network Construction
VDOO global master node
network formation

Q4 2019


What is VDO?

VDO is an anonymous cryptocurrency that supports instant and private payments. It is the fuel that runs in the entire Vdoo ecosystem and is a very promising cryptocurrency.

What is VDS’s consensus mechanism?

With a fixed supply of 600 million, 16% of VDO is mined in the Genesis Block while the left 84% will be distributed within thirty years based on our VPOS mining and masternode allocation consensus algorithm.

How to make anonymous transfers within the VDO system?

With the help of its unique "VPOS masternode" decentralized server network, users can apply for private transactions through coinmix technology so as to achieve anonymous and untraceable transfers and improve your privacy by breaking the link between you and your payment destination After receiving anonymous transaction applications, VPOS masternodes will mix the coins from three different appliers, just like a group of people all put their money of same face value on the same table, mix it together, and then take back their money of the corresponding face value, so that they do not know whose money you are holding and its origin is unclear, although the amount is the same.

What is the prerequisite for setting up a masternode?

1.5,000,000 VDO;
2.A server that meets requirements;
3.Relative technical background;

How many different transfers are supported in the VDO system?

There are three different ways of transfers within the VDO ecosystem. The first one is same to the transactions within Bitcoin and Ethereum network. The second one, instant transfer does not require the miners to pack and confirm the transaction and can complete within seconds. The third type of anonymous transfer is realized through VPOS masternodes network, which can obfuscate transaction inputs and outputs for anonymous transfers.

Where is VDOO based?

VDOO project is launched by Singapore-based VDOO Foundation.

Is VDO an ERC-20 token?

No. VDO is a brand new anonymous cryptocurrency issued on top of Vdoo Chain.